Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?

Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive? Yes, Nurse Janice Trahan Allen is still alive, as indicated by updates on her Facebook account and a TikTok claim.

Dr. Richard Schmidt, a once-respected Lafayette physician, gained infamy for a heinous crime that shocked the medical community and the nation.

Convicted of attempting to murder his former mistress by injecting her with HIV and Hepatitis C-tainted blood.

Schmidt’s case remains a chilling example of betrayal and the misuse of medical knowledge.

His recent death in prison closes a dark chapter in true crime history.

The Affair and Betrayal

In the early 1990s, Dr. Richard Schmidt and nurse Janice Trahan Allen were involved in a ten-year affair.

Their relationship, however, took a sinister turn when Allen decided to end it in 1994. Unwilling to accept the breakup, Schmidt plotted a horrific act of revenge.

Under the guise of administering a Vitamin B-12 shot, Schmidt injected Allen with blood drawn from a patient infected with HIV and Hepatitis C.

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The Unraveling of a Crime

Allen’s health began to deteriorate, leading to her testing positive for both HIV and Hepatitis C. Suspicion quickly fell on Schmidt, and a groundbreaking investigation ensued.

Prosecutors were able to link the viruses in Allen’s blood to Schmidt’s patient using DNA analysis.

This case marked the first time in U.S. criminal history that viral DNA evidence was used to establish a connection between two HIV-positive individuals.

It set a precedent in forensic science. [Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?]

The Trial and Conviction

In 1998, Schmidt was convicted of attempted second-degree murder and sentenced to 50 years of hard labor.

The evidence presented at the trial was compelling, with DNA analysis playing a crucial role in securing the conviction.

Despite his status as a medical professional, Schmidt’s actions were viewed as a gross abuse of trust and power.

This led to a severe sentence intended to reflect the gravity of his crime. [Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?]

Life in Prison and Appeals

Schmidt’s life in prison was marked by numerous appeals and legal challenges.

In 2004, he sought to overturn his conviction, alleging ineffective legal representation and questioning the DNA evidence used against him.

However, these appeals were unsuccessful, with prosecutors maintaining that the arguments had been addressed in previous hearings.

Schmidt’s repeated attempts to challenge his conviction underscored his desperation, but the legal system upheld the original verdict.

Denial of Parole and Death

In 2015, Schmidt was denied parole after serving 17 years of his sentence. [Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?]

His request for early release was met with firm opposition, reflecting the severity of his crime and the ongoing threat he posed.

Schmidt remained incarcerated at the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, until his death on February 12, 2023.

He passed away in a Baton Rouge hospital, still under the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Janice Trahan Allen: A Survivor’s Resilience

Throughout this ordeal, Janice Trahan Allen demonstrated remarkable resilience. Despite being the victim of such a malicious act, she managed to rebuild her life.

Reports indicate that she is still alive, and social media updates suggest that she continues to live with strength and dignity.

Her survival and ability to thrive despite the unimaginable betrayal and health challenges serve as a testament to her resilience.


What Was Dr. Richard Schmidt Convicted Of?

Dr. Richard Schmidt was convicted of attempted second-degree murder for injecting his former mistress, Janice Trahan Allen, with HIV and Hepatitis C-tainted blood.

Is Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?

Yes, Janice Trahan Allen is reportedly still alive and has shown remarkable resilience despite her ordeal.

Conclusion: Is Nurse Janice Trahan Allen Still Alive?

The case of Dr. Richard Schmidt is a harrowing reminder of how trust can be violated in the most egregious ways.

His death in prison brings a sense of closure to a tragic story.

However, it also leaves behind lessons about the importance of ethical behavior in the medical profession and the power of forensic science in delivering justice.

As we reflect on this case, our thoughts remain with Janice Trahan Allen, whose courage and fortitude continue to inspire.

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