Spinks is a surname, and may refer to: Alfred Spinks (1917-1982), British chemist Brett Spinks (b. 1973), Australian athlete in football Charlton Spinks (1877-1959), British Army officer Cory Spinks (b. 1978), US athlete in boxing Darrell Spinks (b. 1973), US athlete in boxing David Rubio (1934-2000), British musical instrument maker (born David Joseph Spinks) Ford Spinks (1927-2016), American politician Fred Spinks (1902-1982), Bermudan athlete in cricket Jack Spinks (1930-1994), US athlete in football Joe Spinks (b. 1972), US athlete in baseball John Spinks (1908-1997), English-born Canadian university president John Spinks (musician) (1953-2014), English musician and songwriter Leon Spinks (b. 1953), US athlete in boxing Michael Spinks (b. 1956), US athlete in boxing Nicky Spinks (b. ca. 1968), English athlete in distance running Scipio Spinks (b. 1947), US athlete in baseball Stan Spinks (1912-2003), Australian athlete in football Terence Spinks (b. 1960), British athlete in boxing Tommy Spinks (1948-2007), US athlete in football Tommy Spinks (rugby union) (b. 1994), Scottish athlete in rugby William A. Spinks (1865-1933), US billiards player William H. Spinks (1873-1950), Canadian political figure

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