Sergey Sidorsky



Sergei Sergeevich Sidorsky (Belarusian: Сярге́й Сярге́евіч Сідо́рскі, tr. Syarhey Syarheyevich Sidorski, [sʲarˈʝej sʲiˈdorsci]; Russian: Серге́й Серге́евич Сидо́рский, tr. Sergey Sergeyevich Sidorskiy; born March 13, 1954) was Prime Minister of Belarus from 10 July 2003 to 28 December 2010. He was appointed Acting Prime Minister on July 10, 2003 to replace the dismissed Gennady Novitsky, and was confirmed as permanent Prime Minister on December 19, 2003.

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