Seifert is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include: Alfred Seifert, painter Benjamin Seifert (b. 1982), German cross country skier Bill Seifert (b. 1939), American racecar driver Else Seifert, German photographer Emil Seifert, football manager Ernst Seifert (1855–1928), German organ builder Frank Seifert, footballer Friedrich Seifert German mineralogist George Seifert, football coach Hannes Seifert (b. 1971), Austrian video game developer, musician, and producer Harald Seifert, East German bobsledder Herbert Seifert, mathematician Jan Seifert, footballer Jaroslav Seifert, writer, poet, and journalist Johannes Seifert (1915–1943), German Luftwaffe ace Kathi Seifert, American businesswoman Lewis Seifert (b. 1962), professor of French Literature Manfred Seifert (1949–2005), German football player. Maria Seifert, German Paralympian athlete Marty Seifert, Minnesota politician, candidate for Governor Michael Seifert (SS guard), (1924-2010), war criminal Michael Seifert (producer) Mike Seifert, American football player Rainer Seifert (b. 1947), German field hockey player Richard Seifert, English architect Rudolf Seifert, East German slalom canoer Sandra Seifert (b. 1984), Taiwanese fashion model Sebastian Seifert (b. 1978), Swedish handballer Stephen Seifert (b. 1973), American folk musician Toni Seifert (b. 1981), German rower. Walter Seifert, German man who attacked a school Zbigniew Seifert, Polish jazz violinist

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