Rupp or RUPP can refer to: Rational Unified Process Product Royal University of Phnom Penh Roads used as public paths, Rights of way in England and Wales Rights of way in Scotland Warren Rupp Observatory Rupp Industries, a Mansfield, Ohio producer of go-karts, mini-bikes, and snowmobiles from the late 1950s until 1978; founded by car racer Mickey Rupp People called Rupp or Ruppe: Adolph Rupp (1901–1977), an American basketball coach Adolph Rupp Trophy, anAmerican basketball trophy Rupp Arena, an American basketball arena Bernd Rupp (b. 1942), a German football player Debra Jo Rupp (b. 1951), an American television actress Duane Rupp (b. 1938), a Canadian ice hockey player Ernest Gordon Rupp (1910–1986), a British preacher and historian Galen Rupp (b. 1986), an American athlete George Erik Rupp (b. 1942), an American educator and theologian Heinrich Bernhard Rupp (1688-1719), a German botanist Herman Rupp (1872–1956), an Australian clergyman and botanist Kelly Rupp (b. 1972), the Mayor of Minco, Oklahoma and book author Kerry Rupp, an American basketball coach Leila J. Rupp (b. 1950), an American historian and feminist Loret Miller Ruppe (1936–1996), an American administrator and diplomat Michael Rupp (b. 1980), an American ice hockey player Mickey Rupp (b. 1936), an American racecar driver Pat Rupp (1942–2006), an American ice hockey player Philip Ruppe (b. 1926), an American politician Rainer Rupp (b. 1945), East German spy Scott T. Rupp, an American politician Sieghardt Rupp (1931–2015), an Austrian actor Terry Rupp (born 1966), an American college baseball coach

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