Nilsson is a Swedish surname and the fourth most common surname in Sweden. The name is a patronymic meaning "Nils's son". Nils was a very common name, especially in 19th century Sweden. Some people named Nilsson: Anders Nilsson (disambiguation) Andreas Nilsson (disambiguation) Anna Q. Nilsson (1888–1974), a Swedish actor Anton Nilson (1887–1989), a Swedish Communist, active in the Russia Revolution Aurora Nilsson (1894–1972), a Swedish writer Bengt Nilsson (actor) (born 1954), a Swedish actor Birgit Nilsson (1918–2005), a Swedish soprano Bo Nilsson, (born 1937) a Swedish composer and lyricist Bob Nilsson (born 1960), an Australian minor league and ABL pitcher. Cecilia Nilsson (athlete) (born 1979), a Swedish hammer thrower Christina Nilsson (1843–1921), a Swedish operatic soprano Dave Nilsson (born 1969), an Australian an All-Star baseballer Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson (born 1987) a Swedish singer, songwriter known as Tove Lo. Gary Nilsson (born 1963), an Australian minor league and ABL pitcher Gunnar Nilsson (1948–1978), a Swedish racing car driver Harry Nilsson (1941–1994), an American singer and songwriter, often known simply as Nilsson Ida Göthilda Nilsson (1840–1920), a Swedish sculptor Ida Nilsson (born 1981), Swedish trailrunner and ski mountaineer Jesse Nilsson (1977–2003), a Canadian actor Joakim Nilsson (disambiguation) Jonna Emily Lee Nilsson (born 1981), a Swedish singer. Kent Nilsson (born 1956), a Swedish ice hockey player Lennart Nilsson (1922–2017), a Swedish photographer Lina Nilsson, a Swedish football player Malin Nilsson (born 1973), a Swedish freestyle swimmer Magnus Nilsson (chef) (born 1984), a Swedish chef Martin P. Nilsson (1874–1967), a Swedish philologist and historian of religion Nils Nilsson (disambiguation) Norma Jean Nilsson (born 1938), American actress Robert Nilsson (born 1985), an ice hockey player Roland Nilsson (born 1963), a Swedish football player Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden) (1460–1512), a regent of Sweden Sven Nilsson (born 1787), a Swedish zoologist and archaeologist Tommy Nilsson (born 1960), a Swedish musician Zandor Nilsson (1913–1973), a Swedish chess player

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