Lightfoot may refer to: Lightfoot (surname) Lightfoot (lacrosse), Native American lacrosse player Lightfoot, Virginia, an area of York County that is west of Williamsburg, VA Operation Lightfoot, part of the Second Battle of El Alamein Lightfoot House, a Grade II listed building in the UK named after the bishop Light-foot, the time it takes light to travel 1 foot Entertainment Ardy Lightfoot, a 1993 Super NES game Sammy Lightfoot, a 1983 multiplatform video game by SierraVision Lightfoot (Transformers), an Autobot character from the Transformers fictional series Lightfoot (G.I. Joe), a fictional character in the G.I. Joe universe Lightfoot (Middle-earth), a horse from J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Captain Lightfoot, a 1955 film starring Rock Hudson Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, a 1974 film starring Clint Eastwood Lightfoot!, the 1966 debut album by Gordon Lightfoot Light-Foot, a 1959 jazz album by Lou Donaldson "Lightfoot", a song by The Guess Who from Wheatfield Soul

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