John Higgins




John Higgins may refer to: John Higgins (admiral) (1899–1973), U.S. Navy rear admiral John Higgins (Australian politician) (1884–1936), New South Wales politician John Higgins (comics) (born 1949), comic book artist John Higgins (cricketer) (1885–1970), English cricketer John Higgins (footballer, born 1932) (1932–2005), English footballer (Bolton) John Higgins (footballer, born 1933) (1933–1994), Scottish footballer (Celtic) John Higgins (snooker player) (born 1975), Scottish snooker player John Higgins (Newcastle Town crier), 19th century town crier, on whom the Johnny Luik-up character is based John C. Higgins (1908–1995), screenwriter John Frederick Andrews Higgins (1875–1948), Royal Air Force officer John Gilbert Higgins (1891–1963), Newfoundland politician John M. Higgins (1961–2006), reporter and editor John Michael Higgins (born 1963), American actor and voice actor John Michael Higgins (metallurgist) (1862–1937), Australian businessman and metallurgist John Patrick Higgins (1893–1955), U.S. Representative from Massachusetts John Woodman Higgins (1874–1961), steel businessman, armory museum founder Johnnie Lee Higgins (born 1983), wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders Jon B. Higgins (1939–1984), American musician specialised in Carnatic music John Higgins (gunman) (1848–1914), gunman and cowboy of the Old West John Higgins (bowls) (born 1941), Irish lawn and indoor bowler John Higgins (swimmer) (1916–2004), American swimmer and swimming coach John Seville Higgins (1904–1992), bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island

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