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Frederick William J. Palmer, CE, (1864–1947), known professionally as F.W.J. Palmer, was an English civil engineer, structural engineer and surveyor. From 1891 he was Surveyor to Herne Bay Urban District Council. As Town Surveyor between at least 1891 and 1915 he was responsible for digging up a great deal of Herne Bay. He reconstructed all the main roads, rebuilt the council offices and Hampton Pier and constructed a new sea wall. He sewered the East Cliff and nine miles of private roads at the east end of Herne Bay. His crowning achievement was his design of both phases (1904 and 1913) of the King's Hall, Herne Bay. His extensive works helped to provide employment and to make the town what it is today. Archaeological artefacts turned up by his constant digging contributed to the collection now in Herne Bay Museum.

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