David Pearson



David Pearson or Dave Pearson may refer to: David Pearson (librarian) (born 1955), British librarian and scholar David Pearson (racing driver) (born 1934), American car racing champion David Pearson (scientist), Canadian scientist, academic and television personality Dave Pearson (American football) (born 1981), American offensive lineman Dave Pearson (painter) (1937–2008), English artist Dave Pearson (pool player), British speed pool champion and multiple Guinness Book world record holder David Pearson (computer scientist), architect of CADES and founder of Orcatech Inc Dave Pearson (rugby union) (born 1966), English rugby union referee David Lee Pearson (born 1974), Paralympic athlete Dave Pearson (footballer) (born 1932), Scottish footballer David Pearson (cricketer) (born 1963), former English cricketer

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